"30 years"


From July 2018 to March 2019, italian artist Eugenio Tibaldi worked in Tirana and build a project called “30 years old”, refering to a historical age, that of Tirana after the fall of the communist regime. Following a project directed by Contemporary Art Platform Harabel, Tibaldi worked with a group of young artists from the Academy of Visual Arts of Tirana, all of them under 30, who as well produced their individual works after a proces of research and analyse, exhibiting a reflection of the 30 years transformation of post-communist Tirana. All works were presented in an exhibition at FAB Gallery called « 30 years old ».
At first view, Tibaldi’s work may seem the representation of an informal area of Tirana, but for those who know the it, it becomes clear that this depicted piece of city is not real. Thus, through an artwork which stands between a painting and an architectural project, Tibaldi almost dares to make a museum- like proposition: what if pieces of Tirana’s 30 years old informality were united in a common building complex before time and the quest for uniformity makes them all disappear?Tibaldi contemplates these architectural imperfections as living nuances of the Albanian narrative of transition, suggesting for them to be seen as expressed testimony of freedom, product of the socio-political Albanian history. Whichever our aesthetic judgment, these micro-buildings are historical participatory elements capable of telling the story of change.

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