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We are pleased to announce the opening of ONUFRI REMADE. The exhibition, held in the framework of the artistic projects of the National Gallery of Kosovo, will open to public from 12.02.2020 to 25.02.2020. According to a public call announced in January 2019, applications for participation were accepted until 31 August 2019 and 18 projects are now selected as part of this exhibition by the curators. The opening ceremony will take place on Wednesday, February 12th 2020, at 19:00 hrs at the National Gallery of Kosovo, Pristina. A press conference for journalists will be announced in the coming days.


It’s not easy to be an artist today in Albania. Scarce art and cultural spaces that continuosly open and close in absence of support and lack of longtearm vision, clichés and misunderstunding of the contemporary art scene by art managments, total absence of publications and critic, lack of programs, residences, ect. Moreover, the atmosphere created in the country and the widespread clientelism, make Albanian artists nowdays communicate with each other and the world just through internet with its social networks. On the other hand, the political power and art management appear in the same social networks with only a powerful propaganda machine, an almost self-contained and real-time broadcast, further distancing itself from artists and falling away from the dream of a collective or comunity, which would bring about the birth of an ideology that would naturally seek to “invade” the existing art spaces or alternatively create parallel ones. In this climate there is also the unorganization of the Onufri annual prize with a previous precedent, the Marubi photography contest which has for years disappeared in the same way from the Albanian art scene, as well as closing of the public Center for the Realization of Art, etc. Onufri’s Prize history and its importance to Albanian art can not pass with a simple contempt and no one except Albanian artists can feel somehow the owners of this exhibition. Our goal is therefore to create the premise for Onufri’s return to the Albanian art scene by transiting it from institutions that created it in time as an international competition

and exhibition, to artists themselves and transforming that into an event that investigates the state of Albanian art contemporary and dialogue between artists and the global art system.

ONUFRI REMADE in this #OPEN edition, investigate and initiate a reflection on the actual dialectic relation between art and the audience. The common denominator of the selected artworks is their relation with the art establishment. We hope it will activate the Albanian artists – as individuals or collectively – through their “contestation and awareness” about their phenomenon of choice, be it social, political or other.

#OPEN Artists: Albes Fusha / Edmond Gjikopulli / Ergys Krisiko / Eliza Hoxha / Elvis Dako / Ervin Bërxolli / Fatos Lubonja / Florian Haxhihyseni & Altin Lika / Harri Aleksi / Olsi Qazimi / Osman Demiri Rubin Kadija / Sadik Spahija / Vladimir Myrtezai (Grosha) / Ylli Xhaferri / Yllka Gjollesha Penelope’s Webs: (Beskida Kraja / Clioevi / Dimitra Hanioti / Petrova Margarita) – Eugenio Tibaldi (Curator Ajola Xoxa) – Ilia Terpini / Safo Marko / Shyqyri Sako (Curator Genti Gjikola).

#OPENPARALEL – “ME WE” Contemporary Art Center, Korçë Albania Artists – Artists: Eliza Hoxha / Florian Haxhihyseni & Altin Lika

Curated by: Elton Koritari / Ardian Isufi

The theme clearly echoes Marcel Duchamp, striving to give an advantage to artists by placing them in an ambivalent position. The time is ripe to stand up, to get out of the rows. It’s time to make noise, to nag, to contest, to reflect, to dialogue, to create space, to occupy it. It’s time at least to try. This has always been a mission of Onufri’s Prize. Now it is time to bring it back.

#ONUFRIREMADE / Alternative Contemporary Art Space / Project by: EJAlbum / Kosovo National Gallery / In collaboration with: University of Arts, Tirana. For further information, interviews or additional materials, contact our press office.


Web: www.onufriremade.com
Email: info@onufriremade.com
EJAlbum: info@ejalbum.com
Tel. +355 4 5629632

A.Isufi / E.Koritari: +355682076357 / +355696472272


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